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42.2 things I thought during the Berlin Marathon

Updated: Jan 10, 2023

The Berlin Marathon was unlike anything else. My first sub 3 hour marathon, it was a big deal personally, and one of the marathon majors, it’s a big deal in the running world.

I wrote a long blog post about my experience running the race, but when I was reading Bill Rodgers book Marathon Man, it got me thinking about the race again. In the book, Bill mentions only thinking about the race during his marathons, and it made me wonder if my mind ever wandered off from the task at hand.

So here are 42.2 things I thought about during the Berlin Marathon:

1 – It’s started, this is really happening!

2 – Wow it’s crowded.

3 – I can’t believe there are so many runners, we are barely moving.

4 – Hey look, the 3 hour pacers! That didn’t take long to catch them.

5 – Oh wait, it’s the 3:15 pacers, how did they get so far ahead?!

6 – We are so far behind goal pace, when will it get less crowded?

7 – Hey, it’s our cheer squad, smile and wave!

8 – 3:54, that km was a bit quick, oops!

9 – Where did these tram tracks come from, don’t fall.

10 – Time for my first gel, sticking to my fuelling plan this year!

11 – We are still way behind goal pace.

12 – My leg feels a bit tight. Try not to focus on it, you’re doing well.

13 – Are we finally getting a bit more space to run?!

14 – Hmm I kind of feel like I might need a bathroom stop.

15 – You are NOT stopping! This is going well, if you need the bathroom it will have to be Paula Radcliffe style.

16 – Is that balloons I can see ahead? We are finally catching the 3 hour pacers.

17 – What was that I said about space earlier, where did all these extra runners come from?

18 – Oh the pace bus, duh.

19 – Wow it’s taking ages to get past the pace group, stay relaxed.

20 – Made it past, I’m feeling good, I wonder if we should pick up the pace yet.

21 – Not yet, wait and see if you still feel this good at 30km.

22 – Hey, it’s our cheer squad again, smile and wave!

23 – The crowd support is awesome, it feels like a party.

24 – I can’t believe it’s STILL this busy, will all these runners ever spread out?!

25 – Drink stop up ahead, don’t lose Marty, don’t slow down, don’t spill your water.


27 – Don’t get too excited, there is a long way to go.

28 – We are almost at 30km, can I pick it up yet?

29 – Hmm, this is weird, I feel like I’m working a bit harder all of a sudden.

30 – Timing mat, still on track, try to get another 5km out of your legs at this pace.

31 – Is it too early to start calculating what my finish time might be?

32 – Hey, our cheer squad is back, smile and wave!

33 – Less than 10km left, surely I can manage this pace for another 40 minutes.

34 – This has been a long 5 kilometres.

35 – I’m definitely working a bit harder now, just try to hold the pace again for another 5km.

36 – Is that a spectator with a flare? Why does that spectator have a flare? I’m too tired to process this.

37 – A parkrun to go.

38 – Okay, I’m exhausted, I’m definitely slowing down.

39 – This. Is. The. Longest. Kilometre. Of. My. Life. Where is the timing mat?????

40 – Finally hit 40km, only 15 seconds slower than the last 5km, that’s not too bad. Just hold on.

41 – I’m breathing so loud I sound like I’m hyperventilating.

42 – The Brandenburg Gate is just around the corner. I can see the finish. I’m going to make it. I did it!!

.2 – Goal achieved, nap time.

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